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KEEPTHEBEAT is a heart charity, based in Leicestershire. It was set up by Adam and Anita Tansey after their son, Albert,
was diagnosed with a Congential Heart Defect (CHD) at just four days old. It was in hospital that Albert met Sofia,
another child with CHD and they became inseparable.
KEEPTHEBEAT is over a period of time hoping to improve the information available to patients and their families at the
point of diagnosis and beyond. Much of the information available is very difficult to find, particularly at an early point of
diagnosis, when you often have little or no understanding of your childs condition, treatments and prognosis. We hope to use our
own personal experiences to help and give hope to others.
In July 2013, a very special journey started for Fairyknowz. KEEPTHEBEAT had seen the
poplins and fallen in love with them. Discussions were held to see if the poplin design could be
adapted to incorporate a zip. The reasoning behind this is that after heart surgery, the scar
that forms resembles a zip. KEEPTHEBEAT wanted to give children a toy that they could
related to....hence the birth of the Zipoplin.
The original Zipoplin was and still is a massive success, being given
to children who are currently undergoing treatment within the
Leicestershire hospitals. KEEPTHEBEAT and Fairyknowz realised
that other families outside Leicestershire may also want one. It
was decided to keep Zipoplin separate but design and make a variation
to be sold, and in return help raise money for KEEPTHEBEAT
and future awareness. This led to the birth of Albert and Sofia .
If you would like to get hold of an Albert or a Sofia and in return help KEEPTHEBEAT as part of the proceed of the sale goes
straight back to KEEPTHEBEAT to help them contine with the fantastic work that they do then click here.
KEEPTHEBEAT are always hoding events to raise money so if you want to get involved or just want to find out a little bit more
about this amazing charity then click here to go straight to their website.