Keepsake Poplin

Every Poplin is special...but this one is extra special :-)

Ever wondered what to do with those special babygrows or cute clothes you don't want to throw?

 You want to do something more than keep them in a black bag in the attic.....

Well.....why not turn those babygrows or clothes into a Poplin or Taglin (or both) that can be treasured for years to come.......


 Each one is customized with a name of your choice embroided on. Depending on how many babygrows or clothes you want to part with, will depend on the size of the Poplin or Taglin that can be made. As this is a very personal and unique item, I would ask you to contact me before purchasing so I can discuss the requirements with you...just so everything goes smoothly and you get exactly what you want :-) Details of how to contact me can be found on the Contact Us page.

Styles available:

  • Poplin - size dependant on how many babygrows or clothes given
  • Bunny Poplin - again, size dependant on how many babygrows clothes given
  • Taglin

Interested.....heres what to do:

  • Contact Fairyknowz so requirements can be discussed
  • Send washed babygrows or clothes either through the post or they can be dropped off personally
  • Sit back and wait for the birth of your Poplin (avg. waiting time - 2 weeks)
  • I'll contact you when it's finished to arrange delivery or a suitable time for you to come and get your new keepsake.

So...what are you waiting for....dig out those babygrows or clothes and get them turned into a Poplin x

Please Note:

All the fabric and materials I use for my Poplins and Taglins conform to British Standards EN 71-3. This then goes towards me CE marking the other Poplins and Taglins. As you will be providing me with the material for the Poplin/Taglin, I legally cannot sell the finished product as a toy, only a Keepsake. What you do with your new Keepsake Poplin, it entirely up to you, but it is made and sold to you as a Keepsake and not a toy, as stated in the terms and conditions on this website.